The correct way to drive a road bike handlebar

1、What is the use of the handlebar?

The biggest advantage of the handlebar is to be able to hold the lower part of the handlebar and take a deep forward leaning position; it can also hold the upper handlebar and the flat handlebar part and become a slightly backward position, using the muscles of the hips to pedal. There are also the advantages of being able to disperse the muscles used and fatigue oh!

2、The use of the curved handle method

Hold the upper part of the flat handlebar position.

Suitable for use in crossing a long difficult road, such as climbing long hills or fatigued, this position allows the whole body to focus on pedaling, and can quickly recover from fatigue. The "shoulder" part of the handlebar is the position where you can take a relaxed position. The upper body tends to be upright, which is a more comfortable position for relaxed gliding.

Grip position of the brake handle

It can be considered an important grip position of the handlebar, and it is also a position that is often gripped during general riding. Hook the brake with two fingers of the index and middle finger.

Hold the lower part of the handlebar.

Holding the lower handlebar is the best way to use the advantage of the handlebar. Upper body leaning forward, take a low wind resistance position, high-speed Mercedes-Benz, and easy to apply force.

3、How to use the shifter

[Right handlebar, flywheel shift]


Move the right brake lever inward and the rear derailleur will move toward the larger gears of the flywheel. When the rear side is downshifted, the gear plate will become lighter.

b. Upshift

Move the lever inside the right brake lever inward, and the rear derailleur will move toward the smaller gears of the flywheel. The rear side will be upshifted and the disc will become heavier. The gears must be shifted up one by one.

[Left Handle Large Disc Shifting]


If you move the left brake lever inward, the front derailleur will move toward the outer disc (the largest disc), the front side will shift up, and the gear ratio will become heavier.


Move the lever inside the left brake lever inward and the front derailleur will move toward the inner disc (the smallest disc). The front side will downshift and the gear ratio will become lighter.

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